In professional cycling, the challenge is always to go faster but for many other riders around the world, it is distance that counts. From 24-hour time trials to little-known audax rides, more and more of us are aiming to go further. But in endurance cycling there is no team car, no domestiques and sometimes no bed to sleep in. In the third of our collectible guides to cycling, respected cycling writer Guy Kesteven tells you all you need to know about self-propelled cycling adventures. From how to organise the perfect self-sufficient group ride to tubeless versus tubular tyres, every detail is covered. He’s collared national champions to reveal how to turn a twisted towel into a tumble dryer and quizzed leading bike designers on why 22 gears are actually more like 13. In these pages, we guarantee there’s some invaluable kudos-gaining, ride-saving wisdom to leaf through before your next venture.

Details and Materials

  • 144 pages
  • Collectible Rapha Handbook
  • Dimensions (trimmed paper size): 20.5cm x 14.4cm


4.4 / 5

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