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Featured Events

A Day in Hell

Join us for a ride on the roughest of local roads, inspired by the cobblestones of Northern France. For RCC members tickets are available from 26th Feb at 10:00 GMT. Main ticket sale will start on 1st March at 10:00 GMT.

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Rapha Prestige

Take on an unsupported and unmarshalled adventure across stunning terrain. Gather your team and sign up to ride together on challenging courses across the world. Find new roads and forge new friendships at the Rapha Prestige series.

Vereinigtes Königreich

Manchester to London

Ride 220 miles through the heart of England in one of the most demanding and rewarding events of the year, raising money for Ambitious about Autism along the way.


Mini Biking Adventure

You work from 9 to 5. Let’s explore and go out from 5 to 9!