The Special Edition Wool Softshell Jacket

Special Edition Wool Softshell Jacket

All Wool and a Yard Wide

04 December 2017

The expression all wool and a yard wide has its roots in the textile trade, where it was used to indicate cloth that was a cut above with width a sure sign of quality. The wider the fabric, the better. The Special Edition Wool Softshell Jacket combines those celebrated qualities of wool with our iconic original softshell design. The result is the rich evolution of a much-loved Rapha product that has protected riders from the cold and wet on club rides and commutes over the past decade. This special edition combines the classic design and durable features of a perennial favourite with a beautiful Loro Piana Italian wool for a touch of real riding luxury: all wool and a yard wide.


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"Strength, warmth, protection and versatility: wool continues to show its relevance in a world of continual clothing development. Worn for thousands of years, this natural fibre is paired with modern materials and techniques to bring you clothing that performs in style."
Matt Crocker, Garment Technologist

Rich Seams

Inside, taped seams give a beautiful, weather-resistant finish and a bonded, laser-cut chest pocket provides slimline storage.

Opposites Attract

A high collar with a hidden magnetic closure protects your neck in the cold and wet, and an offset zip stops drafts between layers.

Shoulder to the Wheel

A luxury suede shoulder patch protects the jacket when you’re carrying a messenger bag, in a nod to the original design.

Letting off Steam

Underarm zips allow you to regulate temperature without opening the main zip, keeping cold air off your chest.

Special Edition Wool Softshell Jacket

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