The Rider's Dozen

The #Festive500: Rider's Dozen

As the #Festive500 approaches, we hope riders and their machines are almost ready to take to the road. A little preparation can go a long way so we’re counting down the days with a rider’s dozen of gift ideas to help you go the distance on this year’s challenge.

03 December 2018

On the first day


Made with our own merino wool blend, this jersey’s versatility is what makes it a classic. Merino wool insulates better in cool conditions yet breathes well on warmer rides – the go-to jersey for those riding the #Festive500 in changeable conditions.

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On the second day


A staple for riders taking on chillier conditions, the Winter Collar is made with the same merino blend as our Classic Jersey. Wear it around your neck to lock body heat in or a little higher to protect your face from wind chill.

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“You’ve got to close that gap between your jersey and your helmet. It makes such a huge difference.”

- Tiffany Cromwell, CANYON//SRAM rider

On the third day


Pioneered by Frenchman Laurent Jalabert, the original oversocks were simply oversized cycling socks with holes cut for the cleats. Ours are altogether more refined and incorporate reflective yarns to keep you seen on the road as well as providing that little bit of extra warmth.

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“Riding in Southeast England, you don’t get many dry days in December but when they do arrive, oversocks are ideal protection for your feet”

- Tom King, Rapha Employee

On the fourth day


The extremities suffer first while riding in cold conditions. To make sure your hands stay warm throughout the #Festive500, the Pro Team Gloves incorporate the same waterproof fabric as our jackets for all-weather protection.

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“Back in my native Belarus, winter temperatures sink to -30°C. Take it from me, a pair of great gloves is a sound investment.”

- Alena Amialiusik, CANYON//SRAM rider

On the fifth day


Many of us head home or visit friends and relatives over the festive period but that needn’t stop you from riding. Take everything you need for the #Festive500 in the Weeklong Bag, which has been specifically designed for seven-day trips and training camps.

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On the sixth day


Dressing for a winter ride can feel like going into battle. Ensure there are no chinks in your cold weather armour with the Deep Winter Base Layer. For your coldest rides, it incorporates a windproof front panel and a raised collar to keep out the cold.

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“The #Festive500 often involves riding in low light, this base layer also incorporates a reflective dot design on the back of the collar to keep you seen.”

- Hanna Claesdotter, Product Developer

On the seventh day


Fitting in a ride around festive family commitments often involves a little diplomacy; the early morning can be the best time to ride. Make sure you stay seen in the twilight with our brightest gilet, complete with retroreflective stripes and hi-vis colourways.

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On the eighth day


The latest evolution of our ever-popular Essentials Case is the spot to keep your phone, cards and cash protected from the elements. A must on foul-weather #Festive500 escapades.

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“It certainly keeps your valuables safe and dry but the real reason for taking an Essentials Case on the #Festive500 is to store your brevet card.”

- Abi Williams, Social Media Coordinator

On the ninth day


Why not mix your riding up on this year’s #Festive500 and ride from point to point? You could even deliver the odd present by hand and use one of our completely waterproof bike packs to carry it.

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“Whether they’re empty or packed full of food (or presents), the bike packs keep their shape really well.”

- Anna McLeod, Product Tester

On the tenth day


The Windblock Jersey is one of our most popular and combines the wind protection of a gilet with the versatility of a merino jersey. Available in long and short-sleeved versions, it’ll serve you well wherever you’re riding the #Festive500.

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On the eleventh day

F500 Socks

Ride the #Festive500’s in kit designed especially for this year’s challenge. This limited edition version of our much-loved Pro Team Socks feature this year’s celebratory design, inspired by the various conditions, emotions and experiences you encounter en route the completing the challenge.

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On the twelfth day


Perhaps the greatest tip of all for riding the #Festive500 is to ride in the company of others. Join the RCC to tap into a global community of riders, many of whom will be riding the #Festive500 in group rides open to all members.

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