Before the Snow Falls

Before the Snow Falls

Heading north on British Columbia's Sea to Sky Highway to put our winter range of Rapha Performance Trailwear through its paces.

15 October 2021

At this time of year, everything is changing. Broad splashes of electric yellow and deep crimson disrupt the seemingly endless summer sun. Mountains become multi-hued marvels, shrouded in mist and soaked with new season rain. And as the water drips and drops, from leaf to leaf, it soaks into the soil and rehydrates thirsty trails.

Which is where our world changes. Tangled roots are more slick, rock moves more awkward – riding tech in the wet can be like a Rubik's cube – while flowy ribbons of singletrack deliver dream-like levels of traction. Riding at this time of year is addictive. Quick laps become sunset-chasing missions. And though the sun is setting sooner, no one wants this season to end.

Autumn’s arrival inspired us to arrange a trip across the recently reopened Canadian border to seek out all-time fall time riding in beautiful Pemberton, British Columbia. With shoulder season shredding in mind, we were ready to sample some of the finest mountain biking in North America.

With over 70 inches of rainfall a year, it’s no wonder that the Sea to Sky Corridor is known for moody weather as well as mind-blowing riding. In most other places, monsoon weather like this creates muddy trails that are more trouble than they’re worth but in Pemberton the rain is sacred.

The difference here is that, just before the first snows of fall arrive, it doesn’t seem to matter how many consecutive days’ worth of rain falls on the high peaks. Whatever the weather, the dirt remains perfect. And for riders who have the right equipment and don’t mind getting a little dirty the rewards are out there to be reaped.

In the form of endless pillowy loam on some of the most fun and interesting trails in the world, there’s endless entertainment for the enterprising. After all, what is mountain biking if not overcoming obstacles, learning to love the struggle and being prepared for the journey?

Every piece in the new Rapha Performance Trailwear collection has been tested in conditions just like these, and in far worse. In Pemberton, our riders remained warm and dry, even when pushing past their limits on the moss-lined chutes and iconic granite slabs that characterise the landscape.

From the craggy peaks of B.C. to your local trails, this is the season of ultimate opportunity. Far from stopping, the season is just getting started so don’t let fall weather slow you down. Keep riding.

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