Atsushi Tanno

Photographer and RCC Member.

Fukuoka is a tightly packed city. If you cycle out for 30 minutes, you can reach the shining turquoise ocean of Itoshima and the alluring roads of Mt. Sefuri. This town has music, food, art, fashion, coffee, bars, public baths... A variety of cultures all nestled together. Because it's such a small town, aquaintences quickly become friends and exciting things start to happen. I live and ride here because I love the people and this town of Fukuoka.

Currently a photographer, formerly a DJ, before that a guitarist. Ten years from now... I don't even know what I'll be. I'm certain that I will be doing something expressive and riding my bike because that's who I am. Routine makes me uneasy. If I get bored, I move on to the next thing.

I want to experience new things. It excites me to think that I don't know what's going to happen next. Rides are like that. Unknown territory, unknown roads, once-in-a-lifetime encounters. That is my riding style.

“Whether you like it or not, it stimulates the fundamental part of man. The bewitching power of music that takes you somewhere else. Rides are the same, they take you to different places. Physically, as well as mentally. It's a journey, but also a trip. No stimulants needed, you can get high naturally.”

– Atsushi Tanno

A camera is a necessity on my rides. Cycling and photography have great chemistry. You can stop the moment you find something to capture – in a car you can't do that. You're free to carry on, stop and go back. The bicycle is the greatest vehicle for freedom. Of course you can take pictures any way you like, there are no rules. What makes photography enjoyable is that anything goes. It's normal to be in the saddle, taking shots without looking into the viewfinder.

Random chance and improvisation are crucial for me. The expected is bland, you don't need an explanation. What's important is whether it stirs your soul. Rides are the same. Go, enjoy the unexpected. Take a chance and delight your soul.

“Empty your mind. Feel with your entire body by uniting with colour, shape, smells, wind, heat, sound, nature. It's easy to do so on a bike. Be free, throw out all titles, distractions, preferences and troubles – it's easy by bike.”

– Atsushi Tanno

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