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After years of preparing food for the world’s best cyclists, Henrik Orre, also known as Vélochef, takes a step back from the peloton in his third cookbook, Food For Adventure. Inspired by bikepacking trips in his native Norway, the book focuses on food that can be prepared on the fly during multi-day adventures. In fifty recipes, the book presents dishes composed for camp stoves and fires that can just as easily be cooked at home. As well as wonderfully simple recipes, there are tips on how to prepare for your next adventure and, vitally, how to brew the best coffee on the road.

To hear more about Henrik’s experiences feeding the pros, take a look back at our interview with him from 2017 »

Details and Materials

  • 152 pages
  • Published by Gawell Förlag
  • Dimensions (trimmed paper size): 21cm x 14cm


4.1 / 5

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