Key Features:

  • Curvature - Wrapped design protects eyes and extends field of vision
  • Clarity - Contrast-enhancing lens technology helps identify hazards and adapt to changes in terrain and light conditions
  • Protection - Shield design protects from UV, wind and road spray

Lens Options:

  • Each lens style is available in four lens tint options, tuned to excel in different light conditions. Find out more below or read our Eyewear Guide
  • Yellow - for low light conditions and dusk - 83% light transmittance
  • Rose - moderate to bright days - 18% light transmittance
  • Green - bright conditions - 13% lens transmittance
  • Silver Mirror - for the brightest days - 10% light transmittance

Details and Materials


  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch finish on lenses
  • Hydrophobic lens coating for wet conditions
  • Made in Italy
  • Polycarbonate
  • Base Curve - 8 Spherical


  • Polycarbonate

Care instructions

  • Keep away from high intensity heat areas such as car dashboard and conservatories
  • For optimum vision ensure to clean the lens regularly with microfibre bag provided
  • Protect lens coatings from scratches by using the protective case
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