IPP terms and conditions

  1. The Rapha Industry Purchase Program is an exclusive privilege open to full-time employees working in the cycling and outdoor sports industry, by invitation or application.
  2. The products purchased are solely for personal use and are not for resale or gifting.
  3. Rapha reserves the right to manage Rapha Industry Purchase Program membership at its discretion, and terminate access to the Program due to any abuse or for any other reason.
  4. Access to the program is only valid online at Unfortunately it is not available in Rapha Clubhouses (in store).
  5. Eligibility to the Rapha Industry Purchase Program will expire with your employment. Rapha may at any time request evidence of relevant employment, and withhold access to the Program until such evidence is provided.
  6. Rapha reserves the right to change the terms of the Rapha Industry Purchase Program at any point, and to place restrictions on the quantity of products available for purchase.
  7. Information and prices offered on the Rapha Industry Purchase Program are to remain strictly confidential.
  8. Rapha Industry Purchase Program purchases cannot be combined with any other offers, sale items, bundles or discounts and exclude Gift vouchers, Rapha Travel, RCC Membership and RCC Kit. The discount cannot be applied retrospectively.
  9. Rapha Industry Purchase Program purchases are not eligible for free shipping. All purchases must be shipped to your place of work or the account Billing address.
  10. Products available under the Industry Purchase Program are subject to availability.
  11. This is a non-transferable benefit. You may not share your Rapha Industry Purchase Program privileges.
  12. Membership to the program will last until 31st March 2023 at which point you will have to reapply for the following year.
  13. The IPP discount is subject to the following limitations. The IPP discount will expire after 20 usages within a 12 month period, or it exceeds the monetary values, (as listed below) whichever is first in any one year:
  • GBP – 2000
  • USD – 2,500
  • AUD – 3,400
  • EUR – 2,300
  • JPY – 300,000
  • NTD – 80,000
  • CAD – 3,320
  • NOK – 21,080
  • CHF – 2,440
  • SEK – 21,080
  • DKK – 19,460
  • KRW – 2,940,000