Coffee and Coors

Coffee and Coors

The RCC Summit in Boulder goes beyond riding.

31 August 2017

When we ride together we discover connections unknown. We begin communicating in subtle flicks of elbows and the language of the road, but somewhere in the long miles we begin to know one another, and conversation with near-strangers comes easy around the table later. Someone loves architecture, another can tell you the kind of hops used in any beer. Mostly we agree on coffee. But on favorite Tour stages? Pas du tout.

Rapha is proud to offer RCC Boulder Summit attendees additional ways to connect with one another and with Colorado’s Front Range culture in Denver, Boulder, and Golden outside the three main days of scheduled riding.

The climb up Lookout Mountain is a Denver-area staple. It gently wanders up the mountain and the city of Denver fans out below. At the base of the climb, the Rocky Mountains melt into the Great Plains. Lookout has played host to numerous professional races and, after its 56 curves and 4.5 miles, it’s easy to see how the peak earned its name in the 1800s as it served as a “lookout” for the Ute tribe.

Then there’s Biju’s Little Curry Shop for a meal, a southern Indian restaurant in Denver’s RiNo District. A walk through the neighborhood itself is a colorful endeavor; street artists have commandeered the walls and dumpsters of the alleys and storefronts.

We’ll tour the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado and trace the heritage of the brewery, started with $20,000 in 1873, which is now one of America’s largest. Notable fact: in 1975, Coors reached the zenith of its then-cult status, as a shortage left East Coast drinkers without it and even the president of the U.S. (Gerald Ford) returned from Western trips with cases of beer in tow.

RCC members will also enjoy a few bonus rides. Join Boulder photographer and cyclist Kevin Scott Batchelor for a sunset spin east of Boulder, rolling the dirt roads as the sun tucks behind the Flatirons, and RCC member and advertising man Evan Fry will lead the Herman Miller design ride, a roll around Boulder and into the foothills to take in some of the area’s notable architecture.

In a nod to the looming season, there’s also a chance to take to a cyclocross inspired road ride with 2014 CrossVegas winner (and Boulder RCC Coordinator) Meredith Miller.

And since what Sean Yates said is irrefutable— “Good morale in cycling comes from good legs” — we’ll also offer top-shelf soigneur massage at the hotel for an extra fee. The more performance inclined of us can join Boulder’s Neal Henderson at his APEX Coaching, which he founded in 1999. Henderson has coached two riders to hour records (Rohan Dennis of BMC Racing and Evelyn Stevens, now retired) and served as a coach at two Olympic Games, 2012 and 2016.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters is on the docket as well. During a breakfast at the new roasting facility in Boulder, we’ll learn about roasting a mile above sea level and a coffee bean’s travels, from farm to doppio.

It’s a dance between smell, timing, temperature and altitude to get the perfect roast anywhere, but roasting a mile high has its special challenge. “You don’t have as much heat availability. Heat likes to dissipate at altitude. Given your roaster, you’ll probably have to roast smaller batches than at sea level,” said Charles Lambert, who took two minutes between roasting batches at Boxcar’s Denver roasting facility to answer a few questions. The café culture in Denver has bloomed sweetly in the last five years, Lambert noted, while tending a batch of “Stella,” Boxcar’s wonderfully reliable espresso blend. “It’s been blowing up. I think there’s a couple of the best coffee roasters in the country here,” Lambert said.

Word to the wise? Choose what the roaster himself chooses. Try a Kenya. “A well roasted Kenya. They’re the most dynamic, sweetest, complex coffees out there,” Lambert said, when asked what one cup of coffee he could drink. “Definitely a Kenya.”

Grab a Coors or a coffee with us. Check the schedule below for the full itinerary of extra programming.

Discover Boulder for yourself this September and join us at the RCC Summit.


  • Wednesday

RCC Ride Denver — Lookout Mountain

Dinner at Biju’s Little Curry Shop

  • Thursday

Breakfast, and a tour of Boxcar Coffee Roasters, morning

Herman Miller Design Ride, morning

Coors tour, midday

Sunset photography ride, evening

Special summit shopping event, evening

  • Monday

Soigneur recovery service, based on appointment

Rolling tour of several of Boulder’s breweries, afternoon

  • Tuesday

Apex Coaching tour, time with coach Neal Henderson, morning

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