Raphas Guide to summer riding

Rapha's Guide to summer riding

Finally, all your hard work and commitment on the bike pays off.

27 October 2017

Long days of sun stretch out, made for riding, racing and exploring with friends. Still, summer brings its own set of challenges to the committed cyclist. Follow our guide of tips and tricks to stay comfortable on the road as the heat rises.

The summer outfit

Whether you’re cultivating tan lines while enjoying a gelato or leaning to the extreme in a criterium, here’s our recommended outfit for riding in summer, from top to toe.

Eyes up

Bright sun casts deep shadows. Polarised lenses make it easier to see between areas of light and shade, and glasses protect your eyes at speed from dry, dusty roads.

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Lighten up

Super light Flyweight jerseys and bib shorts keep you cool on the hottest days, wicking quickly to keep you cool and dry as you make the most of the better weather.

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Cast a shadow

Antibacterial tape in our Pro Team and Lightweight caps stop sweat getting in your eyes, wicking and drying quickly, and the peak protects you from the sun’s glare.

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Packed protection

If you’re starting early or likely to be out late, carry a lightweight, packable layer in your pocket for the times when the temperature dips.

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Riding tips

Long, sunny days and dry roads, summer is made for riding, racing and exploring with friends. Still, summer brings its own set of challenges. Read our guide for tips and tricks to stay comfortable as the heat rises.

For rides on very hot days, freeze a bidon overnight. It’ll melt as you ride, keeping the contents cool, and nothing feels quite like a cold bottle on your neck during a hot ride.

Keep a lightweight layer handy if you’re riding high or out for a long time. A windproof will stop the cold on descents, and protect you in sudden squalls.

Protect your eyes, especially in summer when the sun’s harmful rays are strongest. Lightweight caps and sunglasses will help you see to this.

Wear sunscreen. Some of your kit will protect your skin from the sun’s rays, but always remember to cover up exposed areas.

We all love the sun, but riding year-round means being prepared for anything. Read our guides to get the most of your time on the bike.

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