Winter Weekend Ride

The Winter Weekend

Rapha Cycling Club Manchester

07 February 2018

Last weekend, sixty Rapha Cycling Club members travelled to the Lake District to enjoy some wintry riding. Breaking the snow line on an ascent of Kirkstone Pass was one of many unexpected pleasures. Grins broke out on a descent of The Struggle in spite of conditions, and again as we passed a car abandoned to the weather halfway up Wrynose Pass.

The third edition of the Winter Weekend was a product of the Manchester Chapter’s camaraderie and enthusiasm. Riders travelled from across the UK to share the challenging terrain on their doorstep.

We hope this inspires you to coordinate your own excursions, inviting other members to share in your favourite local lanes. Why travel abroad when you have the treasures of Snowdonia, the Peak District or Cotswolds within reach?

Below, Rapha Cycling Club members share their experiences with some photographs:

"It was my second winter training weekend and it couldn't be better. The Lake District is one of the best areas in the country for cycling, climbing Kirkstone pass under the snow is definitely one of the best experiences I ever had on a bike. The perfect weekend to kick-off the cycling season."
Juan Mangas, RCC #6746
"Coordinators, Ambassadors and fellow RCC members all stepped up to create a fantastic weekend...Viva RCCMCR!"
Spencer Long, RCC #5187
"Riding on unknown roads is always good fun. It's one of the things I like most about cycling with RCC, you get to discover roads, through local knowledge of other members, that you just wouldn't find on your own. It makes the club unique in that way. With the snowy ascent of Kirkstone pass followed by a techy descent down 'The Struggle', I was in new road heaven."
Callum Wyllie, RCC #12301

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