Bound by the Bands

Long before they were laden with the logos of corporate backers, national jerseys were beautifully simple. Harking back to the heyday of racing and design, our quintet of Country Jerseys combines traditional colours with luxurious merino wool in garments befitting a bygone era.

17 March 2020

Cycling’s world championships are an odd event. Discounting the form guide, they decide the best rider in the world in the space of a day, and fall in a strange September lull between the end of stage racing season and the last Monument of the year. They are also the only races all season – with the exception of continental championships – to be contested not by trade team colleagues, but by compatriots bound by the bands of their national jerseys

Since loyalties seldom lie along the borderlines between countries, trade team title sponsors all too often work their way onto contemporary national jerseys. But it wasn’t always this way, and it wasn’t just the Worlds that were won and lost by national teams.

In an effort to reduce the impact of team tactics on the Tour de France, iconic director Henri Desgrange decided in 1930 that his race would be contested by national teams of ten riders. Formidable sprinter André Leducq was the first to clinch victory in the French tricolore but over the next thirty years, rivals from Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland would repeat the feat.

Trade team rivalries resumed at the 1962 Tour, so the simple style of national liveries became the reserve of the world championships. Our collection of Country Jerseys celebrates five great cycling nations, and five riders – famous and forgotten – who fought for the rainbow jersey fifty years ago.


With a light blue taken from French bicycle manufacturer Alcyon and the traditional tricolore from the Lion of Flanders, the Belgian jersey, just like the nation it represents, is an amalgamation of French and Flemish influences. Made with luxurious merino wool, our Special Edition Jersey’s features include a classic quarter-length metal zip and fully knitted collar and cuffs befitting Belgium's greatest champions.


Made for a man who was a match for Merckx but taken before his time, our Special Edition Cap honours the youngest Belgian world champion. With a classic, quartered design in the colours of his famous Flandria team and embroidered decals a nod to his hometown, it’s the perfect partner to the Special Edition Jersey.


Fifty years ago, the battle for the rainbow bands came down to just four riders. Our collection of Country Jerseys honours them and the previous year’s champion, with signature styling and our luxurious blend of RPM150 merino wool.

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