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Cartes du Tour tells the unique story of the world’s most prestigious cycle race through the medium of its myriad route maps. Carefully curated by Paul Fournel, the maps plot the evolution not only of the race, but also the history of a country which evolves to become more unified and opens itself up to its neighbours. From year to year, the maps always bear semblance yet are continuously changing in accordance with the race itself.

Each route, printed in beautiful detail, is a picnic spot of thousands of kilometres for the millions of supporters who flock to the roadside in July. From the very first edition in 1903 to this July’s race, the book traces the entire history of the Tour and includes a foreword from Christian Prudhomme, the current director of the race.

“The collection is as much a graphic history of map design as it is a history of the Tour de France”

- Aimée McLaughlin, Creative Review

“Beautifully produced and full of food for thought”

- Feargal McKay, Podium Café

“Many books of this size concerning the Tour de France seem only to occupy the moment created by those three weeks in July. I think it more than likely that cartes du tour will have a considerably longer lifespan.”

- Brian Palmer,

Details and Materials

  • Limited run of 200 copies
  • Exclusive cover design
  • Accompanied by a protective book sleeve
  • Inside cover signed by Paul Fournel
  • 248 pages
  • Dimensions (trimmed paper size): 30cm x 23cm
  • Foreword from Tour de France Director Christian Prudhomme
  • Published by Rapha Editions


5.0 / 5

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