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    Lenses to suit all light conditions

    The UV-protective Carl Zeiss lens offers optical clarity in a wide range of conditions. The Italian-made lenses come with a protective treatment that makes them scratch resistant, easy to clean and ensures dirt and water won’t stick.

    All lenses are made from lightweight and impact-resistant polycarbonate with oleophobic and hydrophobic coating on front and back and offer 100% protection from UV rays.

    White Silver Mirror:
    For bright sunny days.

    • Category 3: 10.82% light transmittance
    • High reflectivity mirror to reduce glare and blinding reflections from highly reflective surfaces on the brightest days (Snow, clear water)

    Lens Replacement Instructions

    Step 1

    Securely hold one arm of the frame and with the other hand grasp the top and bottom of the lens.

    Step 2

    Simultaneously pull the arm and the lens in opposite directions. Perform the same movement with the other side/arm of the frame.

    Step 3

    Pinch the lens with thumb and fore nger and with the other hand pinch and push the nose-bridge together. Slide it downwards away from the lens.

    Step 4

    With the replacement lens slide the nose- bridge back on. Reverse the procedure from steps 1 and 2 pushing each arm back onto the lens.

    Please contact a Rapha Customer Service operator for any fault or repair issue.

    Details and Materials

    • Carl Zeiss detachable (one-piece) lens
    • UV400 protection (100º)
    • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on lens
    • Made in Italy


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    Care instructions

    • Keep out of high intensity heat areas (such as a car dashboard)
    • For the best possible vision, make sure to clean the glasses regularly
    • Protect mirrored lens faces correctly by using the protective cases provided
    • Please contact a Rapha Customer Service operator for any fault or repair issue

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