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The Rapha Handbooks were created to help cyclists of all experience levels make the most out of their time on the bike. From a comprehensive guide to starting out to more detailed information on bikepacking and exploring off-road, this box set includes all four collectible books, complete with matching covers.

Getting Started in Road Cycling answers questions for those who are new to the sport and features a wealth of advice from pro athletes and expert mechanics.

Longer Rides is for those who are ready to swap their commutes for cycling challenges that will take them further afield, including practical advice from a variety of exceptionally experienced contributors.

In The Self Sufficient Cyclist cycling writer Guy Kesteven provides an invaluable guide for anyone gearing up to take off on a self-supported venture.

Exploring Off-Road completes the series with cyclocross champion Helen Wyman telling you everything you need to know about preparing for and undertaking any type of off-road adventure.

Details and Materials

  • Collectible handbooks
  • 144 pages in each volume
  • Printed on Fedrigoni paper in Italy and Spain
  • Dimensions of box set 220mm x 111mm x 66mm
  • Dimensions of each book (trimmed paper size): 20.5cm x 14.4cm


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