Shadow: eine Revolution der Rennbekleidung

Die erste Linie des Angriffs und die letzte Verteidigungslinie. Stark atmungsaktiver Regenschutz in einer renntauglichen, leichten Außenschicht.

23 April 2016

Developed with, and worn at the Spring Classics by, professional riders at the forefront of WorldTour racing, Shadow is our proprietary foul-weather fabric. Made possible by a pioneering stretch-woven construction, the fabric offers the ‘triple crown’ of performance, protection and comfort in a lightweight single layer. The rain beads off, the wind is kept out and excess heat escapes, making Shadow the ultimate in foul-weather apparel.

“Through a number of rides in disgusting weather, the Shadow kit really impressed. It keeps you dry in the rain, the fleece-backed bib short is warm enough at 2ºC, chill air is always held at bay and the pad is superb.”

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The Shadow kit was developed as an innovative response to the demands of WorldTour cyclists racing in changeable conditions. The kit eliminates the need for riders to go back to the team car to pick up or drop off jackets, ensuring riders do not lose their position in the bunch. On training rides, the kit offers all-day protection in all weathers, from milder days to torrential rain and temperatures just above freezing.


Shadow fabric is treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating twice during its construction, which, when combined with its extremely high density, gives it excellent ‘hydrophobic’ qualities, almost comparable to those of a Pro Team Race Cape. The fabric’s compact structure also provides excellent wind resistance, as well as durable protection from abrasions.


Rainproof and windproof is never sweatproof. Shadow challenges changes this by keeping the weather off but letting excess body heat out via tiny air holes in the stretch woven fabric. The inner of the fabric is brushed, meaning you can wear this racewear directly onto skin.


Since the 1970s, the outdoor industry’s foul-weather garments have centred around laminate technology. A water-resistant and somewhat breathable membrane is sandwiched between a durable outer fabric and a lining that feels comfortable against the skin. Shadow dispenses with a laminate and is constructed from a woven, rather than knitted, fabric, which offers the same protection without the need for this membrane. The result leads to superb, contouring garments that keep foul weather out whilst allowing heat to escape.

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