Rapha Prestige Wakasa

Adventure. Teamwork. Resilience.


Saturday, 20th September

An introduction to the Rapha Prestige

The Rapha Prestige tasks teams of riders with an all-day adventure across stunning terrain. Unsupported and unmarshalled, the rules are simple: start and finish as a team, and pass through all the checkpoints.


160km / 3,000m

The route will be revealed only to confirmed participants 3 days before the ride.

The Rapha Prestige Wakasa is part of a global series of rides taking in some of the greatest riding around. It’s not an arduous individual test but rather a challenging ride to be tackled with a group of friends. You’ll have a route to follow and each other for support as you ride into the mountains for a big day out. The rules are simple: start and finish as a team, and pass through all the checkpoints.

The route is about 160 km long and heads out of town and into the seas and mountains beyond. There’s plenty of climbing and view points but don’t be daunted, it’s not a race. Wakasa, Fukui is the great place to access from Kansai area with using public transport.


The Rapha Prestige Wakasa is a completely unsupported ride but you will have your teammates for company and support. To make sure you’re self-sufficient out on the road, we recommend two tubes, a multi-tool, a pump, a patch kit, and a masterlink. We highly recommend spare kit, plenty of food and, given the variety of terrain on the route, wider tyres.

  • ・Apart from those who have dropped out, the entire team must always ride together

  • ・All members of the team must be present at the checkpoint to receive a stamp

  • ・Each member must carry sufficient equipment to handle basic repair situations, such as two spare tubes, a portable bike pump and multi-tool etc.

  • ・You must ride the route provided by the organisers by following the course on GPS devices. 

  • ・You should upload at least ten or more images on Instagram leading up to the event day, capturing the days preparing for the Prestige.

  • ・Food will not be provided. Please provide your own nutrition.

  • ・MotionX-GPS (GPS App) must be downloaded by one member within the team (download from URL below) and it must be kept activated throughout the event.

  • ・Bring an extra smartphone battery (with enough power to recharge two times).


*As a safety precaution, the Rapha support team will regularly verify the location of every participating team via smartphone GPS app. In the event of an emergency, they will drive to the scene to ensure safety and provide assistance.

After Party

After the event there will be an after party at Mihama Town Kitasaigo Public Hall.(After party is optional. Details to be announced.)


Each team will set off at 2~3 minute intervals from Mihama Town Kitasaigo Public Hall, starting at 5am. There will be an after party starting at 19:00 at Mihama Town Kitasaigo Public Hall. In the spirit of the Prestige, riders complete the course together before celebrating together. We will share all the beer with other teammates in the after party while sharing stories at the end of the day.


There will be space for up to 30 teams of 4~5 riders, with a number of spaces guaranteed for Rapha Cycling Club teams.


Entries cost ¥25,000 per team. Each rider receives a complementary cap and musette with an exclusive design unique to the Prestige you’ve ridden (Due to the possibility for canceling this event, we’ll sent cap and musettes after the prestige).


If you are seeking additional members for your team, we can help. Please feel free to contact: If you are an RCC member, please contact your RCC coordinator in Japan


Please check out the link below for the payment page.

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