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The beauty of cycling is in what lies around the next twist of the road or turn of the trail. At Rapha, we’re always hard at work on what’s coming next, pairing the latest technical fabrics with pioneering features to create innovative products that take your riding to the next level. More than just products for more than just a ride.

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Fresh off the back of another dominant team performance at Tulsa Tough, L39ION of Los Angeles are celebrating Black success stories past, present and future with a special edition kit inspired by the city’s history, and in honour of its future. We are also proud to be pledging the first $43,000 in sales to CYCLE kids, helping grassroots cycling programs in schools.

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Coming August



This year we’re celebrating 10 years of the Rapha Women’s 100, and for our big anniversary, we’ve made sure the kit matches the occasion. Bringing women from all around the world together to break down barriers and lift up one another, we’ve also created not one but two special edition collections with the help of some very special friends, so we can recognise each other out on the roads and celebrate women in the sport.

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RCC Early access
Ahead of another season of racing gravel, working as a designer, coaching kids and learning new skills, Sarah Sturm just about managed to spare the time to work with us on her new capsule collection. Influenced by the colourful, contrasting styles of the artists Miro and Mondrian, it’s about having fun and expressing yourself on two wheels.

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RCC Exclusive
After designing the latest, and hugely popular, RCC cap, Braulio is back. But this time, he’s returning with a complete collection. Packed full of daring designs and wacky graphics, the Portuguese artist is bringing his signature panache to the range, complete with two eye-catching prints. Available only to members of the Rapha Cycling Club, spice up your cycling outfit and look out for the bold new collection.

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Coming September



RCC Early Access
As joint sponsors of EF Pro Cycling, we regularly team up with the Swedish safety experts over at POC. Following on from the limited edition Omne Air and Ventral Air models we created together last year, we’ve got an all-new collaboration in the works, scheduled for launch later this year.

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