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The cycling industry has seen tremendous interest over the past year, with continued demand for high performance clothing. So that we can continue to provide a great Custom experience to existing customers and introduce a refreshed product line-up, we are pausing new orders until 1st August. Sign up to be notified when orders reopen.

If you have an existing Custom order, your order is being processed as usual. Our Customer Service team will be happy to answer any queries.

Existing Custom teams will benefit from an additional 3 months of price lock to allow you to re-order at your current pricing bracket, starting from 1st August.

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  • How does re-ordering work?

    After you've designed your kit and placed an initial order, there is no limit on the amount of subsequent orders you can place. Minimum order quantities apply to each subsequent order and there will be a 12-week production time. If you ordered a large quantity of kit in your initial order, the lower price will be locked in for a period of 13 months after the initial order.

  • Will I be able to reorder smaller quantities within the same price bracket as my previous, larger order?

    You will be able to place your re-order at the same price for 13 months after your initial order, as long as the product and its design remain unchanged.

  • Do you offer returns?

    Neither refunds nor returns of bespoke custom orders will be accepted. Rapha will replace or repair garments with any manufacturing errors or quality issues. Upon receipt of your product, you have 14 days to make Rapha aware of any such issues with your order. After 14 days Rapha assumes you have checked your order thoroughly and you will no longer be eligible for a replacement.

  • Do you offer any further discounts?

    We offer discounts based on total order value. The more units of a product you buy, the lower the unit price becomes. For any pricing queries relating to custom kit for events or other commercial activities, please contact to talk to a member of our team.

  • Where are the products made?

    The products are very similar to mainline products but some features have been amended to ensure they are completely customisable. The fabrics and fit of the products have been kept as close to the mainline equivalent Rapha customers know and love. The products are being produced by a specialist manufacturer who Rapha are working with to provide the higest quality custom product in the market.

  • How accurate are delivery timings?

    We are always working to ensure delivery timings are as accurate as possible. However, manufacturing on demand is a very complex process and delays can occur. All delivery dates will be communicated in your account page on Please contact us if you have any specific queries with regards to your order.

  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    Please see product pages online for individual product minimums. Most products are available from as little as 5 units.

  • How does Rapha Custom kit fit?

    The fit of all Rapha Custom kit mirrors our main range products in both Pro Team, Classic and Core. Every product page has a full fit guide if you are uncertain of your size. We have also created fit kits that contain each product in the Custom range in every size so that you can try clothing on to be sure of your size. If you would like to order a fit kit, please contact for more information.

  • Do you offer a fit kit?

    We recommend that you visit your local Rapha Clubhouse to ascertain your size, if possible.

  • What are the terms of payment?

    We ask that you pay for your entire order upfront. This ensures we can process your order straight away.

  • Do Rapha Custom bib shorts use the same chamois pads as main range products?

    All of our products have the same award-winning chamois as our main range products.

  • Can I sample a product?

    Yes, we recommend that you order a sample of your kit design if your placing a large order. This allows you to see how your kit will look before buying lots of kit. You can order this on your team account on the Rapha Custom website. The costs of ordering a sample costs will be refunded on larger orders. Please refer to the Order a Sample page within the Team Shop section of our website to see if your order qualifies for a refund.

  • Can I amend my design after ordering the product?

    No, as soon as payment is taken, the design is confirmed and automatically sent into production. We are not able to stop production after an order has been placed.

  • I have very specific colour requirements. Do you match colours?

    Rapha Custom offers an incredibly wide range of colours that have been carefully selected to create the most complimentary matches on our kit. We also have an even wider range of pre-approved colours matched to pantone references that you can choose from on our website. If you have a specific pantone to match that is not on our list, please email to see if we can support.

  • Do you offer custom heat transfers or reflective prints?

    No, many of our products already incorporate reflective elements to help you stay seen in low light conditions. We do not yet have the ability to customise reflective elements or add customised heat transfers.

  • Can members of a group pay for their kit individually?

    Payment for orders must be taken in a single transaction and the entire order will be shipped to one address.

  • Can I specify customised measurements for Rapha Custom clothing?

    No, Rapha Custom enables you to customise the design of your kit, not its measurements.

  • Will there be any further products added to Rapha Custom's offering?

    We have lots of products in development, including cyclocross skinsuits and winter kit, which will be released in the coming months.

  • How much will delivery cost?

    Delivery is free of charge for all Custom orders.

  • Do you offer a repair service on Custom products?

    Our repair service is not available on Custom products. Unfortunately, the huge range of colours available makes the kit practically impossible to repair.

  • I'm ordering the same product for male and female members. Is the order quantity one combined total or two separate totals?

    Minimum order quantities are calculated on a product by product basis and distinguish between a men's version of a product and a women's version. For example, on an order including Pro Team Midweight Jerseys for both male and female members, the two products would be listed separately, with two separate order quanities.

  • Can we sell Rapha Custom clothing through our club website?


  • Can I order individual units?

    Not at present, our minimum order quantity is five.

  • We want to place a large order online but the order value exceeds the amount we can pay via credit card. Are there any other methods of payment?

    Please contact one of our customer service representatives at to see how we can help.

  • Do I have to include the Rapha logo and armband in my design?

    Yes, both must be included in your design. You can choose the colour of the armband.

  • What are SVG logos and how do I create one?

    SVG logos are a type of vectorised artwork that can be created using most design software or downloaded from the internet. For a full guide on SVG logo set-up, please see our guide here.

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