Free Repairs service

Repair Service Policy

Rapha offers free repair service for the lifetime of the product with valid proof of purchase. This service also applies to garments outside the 30 day return policy.

Please be aware that while Rapha makes every effort to repair items back to their original condition, there could be slight modifications needed in color match, material, and hardware used.

Please note that repairs can take up to 4 weeks to process, once they have been received by our repairs team.

Excluded garments

We will examine any item - purchased on or through a retail partner - that is in imperfect condition, to determine if we can repair it. Some types of damage will exceed our ability to provide a lasting fix. Similarly, we are generally unable to repair any item that has enjoyed a long, well-worn life. Also, certain products, noted below, cannot be mended.

All Base Layers, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Shirts, Merino Sweatshirts, Track/Hooded Tops, Merino Roll Necks, Merino Boxers, Merino Arm/ Knee/ Leg Warmers, Socks, Oversocks, Overshoes, Merino Gloves, Hats/ Caps, Scarves, Snood/ Collar, Backpack Covers, Belts, Bidons, Eyewear and Essentials Cases

Shoe spares

Spare heels for Pro Team Shoes are available upon request depending on stock availability.

BOA Consumer Support Program

BOA provides a lifetime guarantee for any broken dial on a product where it is integrated. Please contact BOA for details of how to get a free replacement kit (including dial, lace, tool & instruction) and guidance on how to repair a broken BOA Fit System.


To return a product for repair, please fill out the Repairs form below.

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NB: Customers are responsible for returning goods to us when using the free repair service. This includes the cost of shipping and any insurance for damage or loss in transit (although this is not a requirement but is undertaken at the customer’s risk). Rapha will ensure goods are shipped back to the customer free of charge using our standard shipping service.

Once your item is received it will normally be processed within four weeks and an email confirmation will be sent out. If you haven’t heard from us by then, please email with full shipment details. Please note, we may turn down repairs if deemed irreparable (e.g. staining, abrasions, cut off by paramedics or too much damage), but an alternative solution will be offered where possible.