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At Rapha we believe that life is better by bike, and in our Never Just A Ride films we show you why. By pushing past the normal narratives, we shine a light on those we see as the future of our sport. Our stories are not necessarily about race winners but masterminds and move makers, pioneers and rule breakers who, like us, see the sport for what it could be rather than what it is today. It’s about personality over performance, relationships over race results, and showcasing everything that our sport can be. Join us as we show you why it’s never just a ride.


With Andreas Klier

He might not be a household name but for many cycling fans EF Education-EasyPost sports director Andreas Klier is a living legend. Renowned for his next-level knowledge of every cobbled sector from the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, Andreas is only too aware that professional cycling demands complete dedication. To be in this game you have to give all you’ve got so away from the races he seeks relief amid the peace and quiet of his art studio. In the first of our Never Just A Ride films, we find out what keeps Andreas riding today and why painting is a part of his life in the peloton, not an escape from it.

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With L39ION of Los Angeles

There’s no team quite like L39ION of Los Angeles. Borne from a brotherhood intent on shaking up the cycling scene and creating meaningful change, they’re a team packed full of individuality, but united in more ways than one. Founded by Justin and Cory Williams, intent on driving diversity and inclusion in the sport, the team now boasts three sets of siblings, including Skylar and Samantha Schenider, plus Kendall and Alexis Ryan. Featuring some home footage and thoughts on the team’s future, this film is an intimate look into the start of their cycling careers and the unique, unspoken closeness that shared experience brings.

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