Rapha Cycling Club + Zwift

For many of us, getting out for a ride has become difficult or impossible in recent times. In partnership with Zwift, we’re taking the fight for form and fitness online, offering a series of group training rides with Justin Williams, CANYON//SRAM and EF Pro Cycling over the coming weeks and months.

22 March 2020


At a time when so many of our lives have been disrupted, we hope that our Zwift rides can bring our riding community together. Our rides will be led by pros from all over the world, some of whom have impressive credentials on Zwift. From the CANYON//SRAM team, we’ll have former Zwift Academy winner Ella Harris, as well as US Amateur Crit Champion Justin Williams and riders from EF Pro Cycling.

Scheduled to suit riders of all abilities in time zones around the world, our group training sessions provide a unique opportunity to connect with the global riding community like never before. Cyclists from all corners will join, along with a selection of professional riders from CANYON//SRAM and EF Pro Cycling, allowing fans to ride with their heroes rather than simply watch them.

There are three types of ride you can join, with new rides added each week. Keep checking the calendar to find a ride that suits you.

Women's 100 Training Rides

Women's 100 Training Ride

Saturday 1 August, 15:00 BST

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Women's 100 Training Ride

Saturday 8 August, 07:00 BST

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Women's 100 Training Ride

Saturday 22 August, 07:00 BST

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For years, the Rapha Cycling Club’s coordinators have helped our members make the most of riding in their city. Now, they’re helping you unlock the potential of Zwift with regular online group rides in place of our usual RCC group rides.


To ensure members are never short of someone to ride with, many of our Ride Leaders will also be hosting group rides on Zwift to replace their regular rides. Check the RCC app to find a group and a time that suits you.


The signature stripes of our Club kit unite us on the road, and Zwift is no different. Members of the Rapha Cycling Club can opt to join any ride in a digital version of the kit. Email us to request to your RCC jersey unlock code.

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A few extra kilometres on the turbo trainer could pay dividends later in the year. To help you stay motivated, take a look at our latest releases and ensure your clothing is a match for your fitness.

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