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Rapha Prestige

Unsupported and unmarshalled, the Rapha Prestige challenges small teams to take on testing courses around the globe. Gather your team and apply to take on the challenge.


27 January 2022


Specially curated routes in some of the world’s most remarkable riding destinations.


A team is no faster than its slowest member. You must start together, work together and stay together in order to finish.


The key ingredient needed to last the course. Find your limit, then push past it. You’ll never forget it, and you’ll never regret it.

Unmarshalled and unsupported adventures across stunning terrain, the Rapha Prestige is all about riding for your teammates. Taking place in some of the world's greatest riding destinations, and a few lesser-known ones, each ride promises to put you and your riding partners to the test.

Every team must work together and, most importantly, stay together as they navigate remote routes on a day-long adventure. Check out our global schedule of events, gather your team and get set for the challenge.


Featuring events around the globe, this year’s calendar of Prestiges stretch from Bavaria to Bellingham. You can find the event details and apply via the links below.



Event date: Postponed until 2023



Event date: 1st October

Application deadline: 20th Sept

Sold out


Event date: 1st October

Sold out


Event date: 6th November

Entries Closed



Event date: 5th November

Application deadline: 9th May



Event date: 5th November

Application deadline: 8th October

Coming soon



Prestige Trossachs

Prestige Luxembourg

Prestige Bellingham

Prestige Delaware Water Gap

Prestige Park City

Prestige Bonnie Doon


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The Rapha Prestige so far…

Prestige so far

Prestige Peak District

Northern grit
“When the tank is close to empty and you feel like quitting, knowing that you’re part of a team can be fuel enough to keep the legs turning.”
– Lewis Greaves, rider at the Prestige Peak District

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Prestige Taebaek

Hidden villages, mountain roads
More than 70 percent of South Korea is covered by mountains, and among this tightly knit network of ranges and river systems to the east of the Korean peninsula, the Taebaek mountains stretch all the way from the north to the southern coast.

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Prestige Colorado

More cows than cars
Steamboat Springs sits somewhat remotely in Northwest Colorado. Located in Routt County, nestled up next to the Continental Divide, which traces a long and mountainous line down from Montana to New Mexico, its location makes for spectacular riding. Moots, the frame manufacturer, played generous host to the Prestige and its 25 teams.

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Prestige FAQ's


What sort of bike or terrain?

The terrain and ideal bike for each Prestige varies. Gravel is featured in many of them and the recommended bike and tire choice for each is listed on the application form.

Can start/end locations be revealed (for accommodation purposes)

The start/end locations are included on the application form. The specific location will be shared via email to participants at least one week prior to the event date.

Is it an A - B route or a loop?

This will vary for each event, but the majority of events start and end in the same location.

Why an application rather than buying?

The application process will allow us to reserve spaces for RCC members and women to encourage greater gender parity at our events. It will give you more time to gather your team before purchasing your ticket.

How do I apply?

To apply, simply complete the application form for the event before the application deadline. Only one application is required per team. The event team will respond to let you know if you have been selected by the notification deadline (listed on the application form). At this stage, you will be invited to purchase your ticket and confirm your team, after which you will receive all the event details including a gpx route and an event waiver.

The ticket is non-refundable so please ensure you and your team are all able to attend before making a purchase. If your application is successful but you no longer wish to attend, please contact the event organiser or customer services.

What is the Application deadline?

The application deadline for each event is listed on the application form. Typically, one month prior to the event taking place.

Is it possible to complete a Prestige ride solo? (or larger team)

The ride is designed for teams of four. This sets the Rapha Prestige apart from other ride formats. The fun is choosing your teammates and the challenge is to work together and cross the finish line together.

Will GPX be provided?

Yes. The route will be shared at least one week prior to the event date.

What is covered by the ticket price, if the event is unsupported & unmarshalled?

While the Prestige doesn’t follow a set route on closed route and regular feedstations, each event will offer different levels of support. This includes route planning support, emergency/first aid, a post-ride meal and some special takeaways.

The ticket price covers entry for 4 participants

How to swap a team member in an already registered team?

Please contact customer service who will be able to put you in touch with the event organiser to update their records and send an event participation waiver, which all team members are required to complete.

Tickets are non-refundable so please organise reimbursement directly with your teammates.

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