Rapha Performance Trailwear

Go Harder. Go Again.

The perpetual pursuit of what lies around the next turn. That’s what riding is to us. But what is it that keeps us coming back? The magic of mountain biking is in the journey to the start, the commitment to conquer a feature and the hours of sweat it takes to dig a trail. It’s in the crashes, the cuts and the bruises we sustain. It’s the effort we put in, the time we dedicate and the lengths we go to that make it all worthwhile.

Every trail worth riding presents a challenge, every jump worth mastering a danger. The exhilaration of the descent is often earned on the climb and the feeling of flow available only to those who put in the practice. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy but for those willing, the rewards are infinite.

Go Harder. Go Again.

Combining seventeen years of experience with our relentless R&D and our neverending need to go further, we’ve created Rapha Performance Trailwear – a collection of highly durable, repairable mountain biking apparel made with the world’s toughest technical fabrics.

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