Cycling in Austin is all about community, and Rapha has taken its Clubhouse experience to the colourful Texan capital. From weekly group rides to weekend adventures, in-store events to local partnerships, we’re bringing the best of cycling to the vibrant Austin community. And as the city welcomes cooler temperatures and some respite from the heat, we’ll be offering our full range of collections to help you make the most of the kinder conditions, including our new Rapha MTB range. And once the heat picks up, we’ll be there to help cool you down too. The Clubhouse offers something for all kinds of riding, on all types of terrain, so swing by the store for expert fit advice, regular rides and much, much more.

Opening Hours

Mon to Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 10pm - 5pm



Social: @rapha_austin


We’re certainly making the most of our time in Texas with a calendar full of expertly-curated regular rides and exciting events to look forward to. Rapha is bringing our Wednesday ride tradition to Austin, with both a morning and evening option to explore the city’s surrounding hills. On Friday mornings, join us for our weekly city spin taking you on a little tour of the capital before finishing up with coffee at the Clubhouse. Everyone knows Sundays are for steady rides, and Rapha Austin will be upholding that tradition with a 40 mile loop every Sunday, headed by one of our amazing Ride Leaders

On the wing

High above the streets of Austin, the city’s most famous resident keeps constant watch. Unlike most peregrine falcons, Tower Girl does not migrate. She stays in the city all year round, hurtling after prey at breakneck speed. And when she’s not on the wing, she’s nestled amongst the eaves of the University of Texas Tower in a lofty lair where a live video feed relays her movements to fans around the world. A common sight in the skies above Rapha Austin, she serves as inspiration for the Clubhouse emblem – our nod to the city’s much loved home bird.

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