Breathable merino-rich jersey for hot conditions

The Rapha Lightweight Jersey has been designed for the hardest, hottest and most demanding rides. On the big day, this is the jersey to reach for. The jersey is made from a newly improved lightweight merino-blend fabric that is extremely breathable and soft on the skin.

Key features:


"I will say that these jerseys kick ass for the summer heat…"
Keeping Cool in Texas with the Rapha Lightweight Jersey

"…a simple jersey that also eschews the lush detailing Rapha is known for, and instead does one thing well: keeps you cool on hot rides."
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Jen Sherry, Bicycling

"Ideal for the roadbiker who wants to stay cool when the mercury is rising, this jersey is made from a merino-blend fabric which is very breathable and soft on the skin."
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Jamie Merrill, The Independent