Rapha Chamois Cream

A good chamois cream eliminates the soreness that can come with long hours in the saddle. Rapha Chamois Cream has been blended to both reduce irritation and soothe the skin, and has undergone rigorous testing on countless adventures and in race conditions by Rapha ambassadors and team riders.

Rapha Chamois Cream combines olive, vegetable glycerine and shea butter to prevent chafing, while natural menthyl helps keep the skin cool and hydrated.

The cream also contains rosemary extract, which is naturally anti-bacterial to protect against the fungal microbes that cause irritation and odours.

Rapha skincare products are made from the aromatic plants and herbs that grow on the Giant of Provence, many of which have been used for their medicinal qualities for hundreds of years, and their scents will be familiar to any rider that has made the pilgrimage to the great mountain.

Ingredients include:

Please note: The quantity supplied is 125ml as per the product specification although please be aware that this may not completely fill the packaging tin supplied.