Love As You Find

The Tempest Special Edition Club Jersey is a luxury Sportwool™ jersey with details and embellishments inspired by the Rapha Tempest festival. Taking design cues from the history of the Tempest family, who have called Broughton Hall home since the time of William the Conqueror, the jersey features a sewn-in Tempest crest on the left sleeve, and the Tempest family motto, Love As You Find, on the right sleeve. The rear pockets are decorated with heraldic symbols from Normandy and Skipton, where the Tempests have their roots. Please note that the two symbols may not line up exactly on the back pockets.

Made from a high-performance Sportwool™, the jersey has ribbed cuffs, a quarter-length zip, embroidered martlet print, contrast chest stripe, and a tone-on-tone Rapha logo.

Key features: