Rouleur Magazine

Issue 45

The Carrefour de l’Arbre has been a battleground for centuries. Since 1980 and the first inclusion of this infamous stretch of desolate farm track, Paris-Roubaix’s make-or-break stretch of pavé has been a focus point for thousands of Belgian cycling fans. Guy Andrews and Taz Darling join the party, only to find the beer has gone flat…

“What am I gonna do after cycling? What career am I gonna have? Everyone’s buying a house, getting married, having kids and I’m still a bit of a nomad.” Lizzie Armitstead, just 25 years old, looks to the next Olympics and all stops in between. Ian Cleverly goes to Johannesburg to meet MTN-Qhubeka and their intriguing mix of Ethiopians, Eritreans, Rwandans, Germans, and waifs and strays. Be assured: the Africans are coming.

Aluminium was the frame material of choice not so long ago and Gary Klein was the man at the forefront of its rise. Andrew Curry finds him at home in Seattle, still tinkering. Photographer Frederik Clement spent the 2013 season with Team Saxo-Tinkoff to produce the stunning book Sugar, Water, Recovery. We present some of his finest images from a transitional year with the squad. Paolo Fornaciari’s skill lay in sheltering a Who’s Who of ‘90s Italian team leaders, from Simoni to Cipollini. Colin O’Brien meets the former gregario, now world champion. Of ice cream. .

Plus columns from Robert Millar, Matt Seaton and Duncan Forbes.



Praise for Rouleur

"I had the last copy autographed by Ernesto Colnago, and he asked if i could send him another one – so if it’s good enough for Ernesto, what are you waiting for?"

"Rouleur accomplishes something more than making you want to ride: It makes you realize, or remember, that cycling is, simply, the greatest sport in the world."
Bill Strickland – Bicycling magazine

"Rouleur is for those who appreciate history, art and literature as much as cycling. This kind of focus could lead to self-parody or, worst of all, pretentiousness but the single-minded dedication of the editor and contributors makes Rouleur majestic."

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