Limited edition hooded jacket made in England from repurposed parachute canopies

A special edition, made in collaboration with Christopher Raeburn, the front panels and back panel are made from repurposed fabric from military parachutes: a durable woven nylon, which is designed to resist rips and tears.

The jacket also uses mesh vent-panels at the rear of the hood and the back vent for breathability. The top panel of the sleeves use a special reflective spot print. This print is the Christopher Raeburn Stock Print, an interpretation of a Swedish digital snow-camouflage.

[Please note that a gradual distressed effect, created over time, is regarded as part of the fabric’s distinctive aesthetic. Due to the nature of the reflective spot material, the print is vulnerable to abrasion and we therefore advise against using bags or wearing other garments over the jacket as this may accelerate deterioration of the print. ]

The jacket uses overlayed ribbon with reflective tape at the seams and slim lycra cuffs. There is a fastener at the rear of the hood allowing it to be rolled up.

Lightweight Riri zips and hoop pullers are used on the two front pockets with the right-hand pocket using a double-sided zip. This allows the jacket to pack inside itself for compact storage. A hanging loop is also attached. Each jacket is individually numbered using a reflective race number.