zoom Women's Short Sleeve Merino Base Layer Bundle

Women's Short Sleeve Merino Base Layer Bundle

NT$7,200.00 (含進口關稅)

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Soft, luxury base layer for performance in all conditions

A good base layer can make a huge difference to your riding performance. Highly versatile, they breathe to keep you cool in summer and insulate to retain warmth in winter. Rapha base layers are made from an extremely soft New Zealand merino wool, a fabric that is not only soft and comfortable but also wicks moisture, is naturally breathable and extremely odour resistant. The Women's Long Sleeve Base Layer is shaped for women riders. It also has a narrower hem and cuffs than the men's version and a finer binding on the neck for comfort. The seams are finished with flatlock stitching to ensure they won't rub, no matter how long or hard you ride, a feature which eliminates rubbing from bag straps and Bib Shorts.

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A gentle cleaning solution specially created to clean and freshen all 100% merino Rapha products.

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