Rocket Espresso Machine

NT$77,000.00 (含進口關稅)

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Special edition Giotto Rapha Cycle Club espresso machine from Italian specialists Rocket Espresso Milano. Each is numbered out of 200 on the boilerplate. Please email or telephone: +39 029 535 0637 to order.

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Rocket Espresso Machine

Limited Edition premium espresso machine

"Oggi ci daremo una botta."
"We’ll give ourselves a kick up the backside today."
 Fausto Coppi

Limited edition. Each is numbered out of 200 on the boilerplate.

Cyclists may imbibe many stimulants in their lifetime but the universally accepted (and legal) drink of choice for most riders seems to be coffee. Of course, the Italians have perfected the art for the whole world to emulate these days but it is still hard to find the perfect cup of espresso on any old street corner. A cup of compacted crema or a smooth flat white can be the perfect bookend for a ride. Some may even plan their training routes to ensure a stop at a caf̩ with a good machine creating delicious drams of espresso.

This special edition Giotto Rapha Cycle Club espresso machine from Italian specialists Rocket Espresso Milano celebrates Rapha’s ever-growing family of pop-up stores and our dedication, amongst many other things, to bring you the best coffee in the world. Our coffee partners, whether it be bean suppliers (Nude, Four Barrel) tamper manufacturers (Chris King) or machine suppliers, are the best in the business.

The stainless steel machine features an engraving of the Rapha H-Van silhouette graphic and Cycle Club logo. The perfect size for a home kitchen or clubhouse, the machine makes premium espresso for cappuccino, macchiato and more. The accompanying milk wand with steam nozzle is designed for easy milk foaming with fine texture and the hot water outlet allows for all degrees of coffee strength and consistency.

The machine model is the Giotto, Rocket Espresso's flagship model, the same model that the company used for a commemorative Giro d'Italia centenary edition in 2009 (one of which is well-loved at Rapha London HQ).

Features include a thermo siphon system, copper boiler with lead free brass end plates for increased thermal retention and a Sirai pressure stat, which has a far greater degree of accuracy over the lifetime of the machine. The machine also includes a water reservoir with a low-level indication warning system.

How to buy:


  • EU  3-5 days
  • Rest of World  to be advised at time of ordering

Cups not included.


    Dual pre-infusion system:
  • Mechanical pre-infusion system with progressively working piston and static pre-infusion chamber. This reflects into smooth coffee extraction with optimum aroma, body and 'rema'.
  • Thermo syphon system:
  • Superior layout of thermo syphon system resulting in optimum extraction.
  • Generously dimensioned. 20% higher volume as with comparable machines on the market.
  • Boiler:
  • Boiler is made of pure copper (Cu. 99.9%) with a lead free, heavy brass end plate to increase the thermal retention and the steam power by approximately 40% versus other boiler systems.
  • Pressure control switch:
  • A full size commercially rated pressure switch (0,035' temperature differential tolerance).
  • Stainless steel steam wand:
  • Cool-touch technology: anti-burn (only the nozzle gets hot).
  • Easy cleaning as milk doesn't bake on wand.
  • More efficient steam, as heat is not dissipated around the wand.
  • Steam nozzle designed for easy milk foaming with fine texture.
  • Electronically controlled:
  • Microprocessor controlled automatic level control of boiler and fresh water reservoir, with low water level indication warning system.
  • Heating: Optimised boiler capacity to thermosyphon system ratio. Results in fast heat up time with 1200 watt element, made from special long life material (5 times longer than normal elements).
  • Safety Valve:
  • Fully certified commercially rated safety valve.
  • Additionally:
  • Full size commercial one and two cup filter handles, and baskets.
  • Full training guide and instructions.
  • Two-year warranty with Rocket Espresso or their nominated dealer.



All stainless steel (AISI 304)
Boiler is made of pure copper (Cu. 99.9%) with a lead free, heavy brass end plate

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