Great Road Climbs of the Southern Alps


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This book is a unique guide to climbs of the southern Alps, written by Graeme Fife and featuring the photography of Pete Drinkell.

Great Road Climbs of the Southern Alps€45.00

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Great Road Climbs of the Southern Alps

The second volume in the series of Rapha Guides, the Great Road Climbs of the Southern Alps continues our journey along the roads and cols of Europe. Written by Graeme Fife with the photography of Pete Drinkell, the book captures the beauty and intrigue of the southern regions of the Alps, exploring climbs and roads steeped in the history of road racing and beyond.

Moving from the Col d’Izoard, close to the French-Italian border and over the mighty Cime de la Bonette, the book then encounters Mont Ventoux in Provence, a trip across the border to Italy and then through the central southern Alps to finish on the Riviera.

As well as full bleed, double-page images, the book features hand-illustrated maps and col profiles. Fife’s narrative, crafted with lashings of historical references, cultural observations and road racing snapshots is matched by the powerful photography of Drinkell.

Climbs featured include:

  • Colle d’Agnello
  • Cime de la Bonette
  • Colle della Maddalena
  • Col d’Izoard
  • Colle della Lombarda
  • Mont Ventoux
  • Col de la Cayolle
  • Col de Buis
  • La Madone d’Utelle
  • Col de Turini
  • Poggio
  • Col de la Madone


  • Hardback.
  • Col profiles.
  • Hand-drawn regional maps.
  • Double page landscapes.
  • Snapshot stories.
  • Altitude and climbing distance info.
  • Full glossary.


  • 100% printed paper.


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