zoom Sleeveless Merino Base Layer Bundle

Sleeveless Merino Base Layer Bundle

₩252,000 (수입 관세 포함)

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Sleeveless Merino Base Layer 3-pack

Save up to 20% when you buy three Sleeveless Merino Base Layers together.

Most riders now know the value of wearing a base layer. Whatever the weather, from scorching hot cols in July to freezing descents in January, a good base layer helps to regulate your body temperature and transfer moisture from the skin.

Sadly, most cycling base layers are still made of synthetic fabric. In all other sports natural merino wool is now the fabric of choice. Merino wicks moisture vapour very quickly and is naturally anti bacterial and odour resistant. Banish stinky polyester forever. What's more, merino is beautifully soft on the skin and itch free.

The Rapha merino base layers come in three styles: sleeveless or with raglan short sleeves or long sleeves. All seams are flat locked for comfort. Seams are positioned behind the shoulders to avoid rubbing from bag straps or bib straps. The base layers are close fitting and cut long at the back. A care label is stitched to the outside seam for comfort. Rapha merino base layers are easy to care for and wash beautifully in the machine.

Base layers are incredibly important in winter to help regulate the body's temperature, but they also keep the body dry without it getting too hot. Rapha's base layer does this superbly, something that the mention of wool might normally have you doubting.' 
- Cycling Weekly

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A gentle cleaning solution specially created to clean and freshen all 100% merino Rapha products.

NB: Unfortunately, due to their fine merino construction, Merino Base Layers are unable to be repaired by our Repair Service.

Body sizing

가슴: 겨드랑이 밑의 가슴 둘레를 줄자로 측정하십시오.
뒷 기장: 상의 칼라가 위치하는 목아랫부분부터 척추의 밑까지의 길이를 측정하십시오.
팔 기장: 소매가 시작되는 어깨 박음질 위치부터 소목의 밑까지의 길이를 측정하십시오.

    CM IN

    < 31 31-36 36-41 41-46 46-51 51+
    가슴 < 84 84-91 91-99 99-107 107-115 115+
    뒷 기장 50-56 56-62 62-68 68-74 74-80 80+
    팔 기장 < 60 60-62 62-64 64-66 66-68 68+
    < 12 12-14 14-16 16-18 18-20 20+
    가슴 < 33 33-36 36-39 39-42 42-45 45+
    뒷 기장 20-22 22-24 24-27 27-29 29-31 31+
    팔 기장 < 24 24-24.5 24.5-25 25-26 26-26.5 26.5+


올해 져지를 구입하신 후 라이딩을 통해 체중을 줄이셨다면, Rapha가 제공하는 새로운 사이즈 져지 50% 할인 구매 혜택을 받으세요.
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