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RCC Lakes Ride

When a ride begins with “Listen up lads, I’ve got you all some tiddlywinks” you know your inner kid is going to come out. Blend in the many charms of the Lake District…

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Ian Boswell Ride

Fresh from the Tour Of Langkawi (at which Sebastián Henao managed to get 3rd in the GC – kudos to the Team), we had the pleasure of hosting Team Sky’s Ian Boswell…

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Meet the Members

Each month, we’ll profile members who embody the spirit and the values of the RCC. We hope their stories will excite and inspire you to get out and ride.…

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Seen on Social

RCC members have been documenting their rides and travels on the RCC forum, Instagram and Twitter. Stay in touch with club-mates around the world, and maybe find a source of inspiration…

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Across La Romanche on a bridge out of Le Bourg, a huge right hairpin and the first ramp, a brusque affront on the senses, one look and you think ‘Fourteen kilometres of this?’…

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Sydney Satellite Ride

In the quiet, sleepy mountain town of Blackheath we rendezvoused at 8am for the first RCC Sydney Satellite ride. Apprehension and excitement showed on all our faces as we made final preparations…

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Wally Gimber

This season Rapha was title sponsor for the Wally Gimber Trophy, one of the longest running races in the UK that is organised by an amateur club. Run by Dulwich Paragon CC since 1960…

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