The Big Bos Man

Monday, 30th March | Words by Christopher Chen | Photos by Valerie Chen

Fresh from the Tour Of Langkawi (at which Sebastián Henao managed to get 3rd in the GC – kudos to the Team), we had the pleasure of hosting Team Sky’s Ian Boswell in Singapore for a couple of days.

On Tuesday 17 March, over 20 members of the Singapore RCC had the pleasure of riding with the man some call ‘The Bos’, taking him over the flat, fast and furious roads of the Lion City.

After a brief afternoon session at Athlete Lab, in which Boswell’s demonstrated his true might on a Wattbike, the evening was filled with drinks, stories and laughter, as the RCC members sat down to a traditional Singaporean chili crab meal. After a cracking start to the year, we wish Mr. Boswell and Team Sky all the best for the rest of the season.