Functional and durable woven belt in Rapha-FOCUS colours

Produced for Rapha by Anderson’s of Parma. Anderson’s have been making belts in their Italian workshop since 1966. The belt’s components are all made in Europe and the belt itself is made from a durable, woven fabric that has good elasticity which makes it ideal for riding. The belt is finished with a high-grade leather trim and the woven construction means it is easy to find the perfect fit.

Key features:

Belt lengths:

S = 38.5 inches / 98.5 cm
M = 41 inches / 104.5 cm
L = 43 inches / 110.5 cm
XL = 45 inches / 114.5 cm
XXL = 46.5 inches / 119.5 cm

*Please note*: The Rapha Belt has approx. 1 inch/ 2.5 cm of stretch