Rouleur Magazine

Issue 54

Viva Il Giro

Jakob Kristian Sørensen, a taste of Italy from our Danish photographer.

Retroscena: Backstage at the Giro d’Italia

Miles of cable, thousands of barriers and, because we’re in Italy, gallons of coffee. Colin O’Brien on the road at the Giro.

World of Leather: Fizik and David Millar

Designing a unique collection of race shoes for the retiring – but far from shy – Mr Millar in his final season.

Reynolds Cycling

Paul Lew of Reynolds is a fascinating man, starting in composite motor sports parts before moving on to bicycle wheels and UAV’s – unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones to the layman… He also believes the entire industry is testing wholly incorrectly for aerodynamics. Paul tells us why.


Praise for Rouleur

"I had the last copy autographed by Ernesto Colnago, and he asked if i could send him another one – so if it’s good enough for Ernesto, what are you waiting for?"

"Rouleur accomplishes something more than making you want to ride: It makes you realize, or remember, that cycling is, simply, the greatest sport in the world."
Bill Strickland – Bicycling magazine

"Rouleur is for those who appreciate history, art and literature as much as cycling. This kind of focus could lead to self-parody or, worst of all, pretentiousness but the single-minded dedication of the editor and contributors makes Rouleur majestic."

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