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Three trips in Rapha Travel’s 2015 calendar have been designed with the RCC in mind. The Alpe d’Huez Retreat allows RCC members to ride one of the sport’s most famous climbs, and see the world’s greatest race in the same weekend. The RCC L’Eroica Retreat is hosted in conjunction with the vintage bicycle race, in which thousands ride the white roads of Tuscany on steel bikes and create a nostalgic, weekend long celebration of the golden age of cycling. Members will be joined by Alex Stieda, the first North American to wear the maillot jaune. He is excited to ride the full distance of L’Eroica on the bike he was riding when he won that famous stage. On the Randonnée Corsica, rccmembers will test themselves on the rugged and beautiful peaks in the wilds of Corsica. The island boasts incredible food, fantastic culture, and stunning beaches – not to mention mountain passes ridden in the world’s greatest race.

Find the complete 2015 RCC Rapha Travel schedule below.

RCC Randonnée Corsica

For RCC members only.

Sunday, 27th September – 3rd October, 2015 | £3300 | US$5175 | €3820

This special Corsican exploration was set-aside for members of the Rapha Cycling Club for one reason: Corsica is simply one of the best places on earth to ride a bike. The island adventure offers the unique opportunity to further connect with your club-mates form around the world while riding in an incredible location. The island’s sublime cliffs, steep switchbacks, wild forests, and views of the Mediterranean will inspire riders to perform at their highest level.

Riders of this Randonnée will explore the remarkable island in true Rapha fashion, enjoying expert care and support and the finer offerings of a diverse and vibrant culture. Of course, the landscape is unparalleled, but the cuisine, the people, and the cities are also special, lively, and authentic. The days will be beautiful and challenging; nights will be boisterous and delicious. Prepare for an unforgettable ride in an idyllic location, to be shared with excellent company.

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RCC Tour de France - Alpe d’Huez Retreat

Thursday 23–26 July, 2015 | £2350 | US$3692 | €3000

The legendary Alpe d’Huez is perhaps the most revered climb in the world of cycling. We’ve created a unique trip specifically for members of the Rapha Cycling Club to coincide with the world’s greatest race, allowing them to ride the majestic climb shortly before it is tackled by the world’s top professionals. On race day, Alpe d’Huez becomes a cauldron, with fans staking out the best spots days before the event. Guided by experienced Rapha staff, RCC members will be at the heart of the action of this key climb, an experience no fan could ever forget.

The trip will blend challenging riding and unforgettable spectating in a truly unique format, showcasing Alpe d’Huez and some of the lesser-known gems of the region.

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RCC L’Eroica Vintage Retreat

Friday 2–5 October, 2015
Double/ Twin occupancy - 2150€ | £1650 - 10 spaces
Single occupancy - 2490€ | £1870 - 2 spaces

The L’Eroica Vintage Weekender is a unique opportunity for RCC members to ride the white roads of Tuscany alongside your international club-mates and thousands of other vintage bicycle enthusiasts. Challenge yourself by riding the steep unpaved roads of Chianti on a steel bicycle, reward yourself with exquisite cuisine and fantastic wine, and revel in nostalgia for a beautiful weekend.

L’Eroica pays homage to the work of cyclists from the golden age of the sport, who rode long before the era of carbon fibre and electronic shifting. Panoramic views of the stunning landscape will follow steep climbs, and Rapha Travel will provide the full luxury cycling experience, including Jaguar support vehicles, on-road nutrition and hydration, and daily massage and bike maintenance. Of course, your short sleeve RCC training jersey will perfectly compliment the setting. While riding on those special roads, immersed in nostalgic style, stopping along the way to refuel with delicious regional food, you’ll be transported to another era. Connect with your global cycling club and the romance of the past.

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About Rapha Travel

Dedicated to creating the ride of a lifetime, Rapha Travel delivers the ideal cycling experience in the world’s most spectacular locations. Whether it’s a week-long Randonnée on a classic route, a relaxing Retreat, or the arduous test of the Cent Cols Challenge, Rapha Travel offers a programme that guarantees every cyclist a life-affirming ride. All efforts will be rewarded with the highest standard of service and care, including complimentary massage, mechanical and nutritional support, and expertly curated local cuisine.

Through their Rapha Cycling Club membership, riders can enjoy a number of exclusive benefits.

  • Custom, top-of-the-line Pinarello Dogma K bikes are fully complimentary to RCC members (on all European departures excluding Cent Cols Challenges)
  • Complimentary daily servicing of the bike from a professional mechanic
  • For those fortunate enough to travel twice with Rapha in the same year, any second trip will be discounted by 15%
  • RCC members will be given priority access to booking, or will be placed at the top of the waiting list in the event of a cancellation