Classic cycling tool roll made from performance fabrics

A good tool roll is a thing of beauty. The Rapha Seat Pack is inspired by classic tool rolls traditionally made from canvas but has been updated using durable and weather-resistant modern fabrics. Designed to carry tools on long training rides, the pack also works for everyday city riding. It is stored neatly and securely under the saddle rails by a traditional leather toe strap.

Key features:

Seat Pack Folding Instructions:

The zipped pocket can store small emergency items such as patches or last-stand dope.

Roll tubes tightly, valves inside the roll, to the size of a fist, secure with tape or rubber bands.

As neatly as possible place the tube/ multi-tool/ tyre levers over the zipped pocket, with the weight central and evenly distributed, and fold the pin-stitched sides over the items.

From the zipped-pocket end, fold the edge over the items, and begin tightly rolling the pack towards the toe-strap end, keeping the pack compressed and sides folded in tightly.

Keeping the pack secure, place up under the saddle, with the black leather loop (with the white toe strap running through it, like the image shows below) facing the ground. Using any compression in the rolled-up tube, wedge the pack between the seat rails, as high and tight as possible inside the saddle.

Thread the end of the white toe-strap up and over both saddle rails, and through the buckle, taking care it’s threaded the correct way for the teeth to catch the leather strap.

Pull the strap tight to secure the seat pack in place and pass through the final section of the buckle and black leather loop (like shown in the above image)

Have a final check the pack is secure and held tightly and that the weight is central to the toe-strap, with the buckle correctly engaged.

- It’s like rolling anything, wherever you are in the world; a sleeping bag, bartape or a burrito. Make sure it’s all secure and neat.