Windproof hooded top for city cycling

The Merino Hooded Top brings together two very different materials and two advanced construction processes to create a luxury mid-layer that can withstand the rigours of day-to-day riding. A merino blend, chosen for its feel against the skin and breathability, is used for the top’s arms, back panel, and inner collar. The front panels and hood are fashioned from a hard-wearing and durable synthetic material that keeps wind off of the chest.

The top is finished with Hi-Vis tabs on the rear pocket and hood tab, giving a flash of visibility in critical areas. The two pockets are sealed by lock-down zips that won’t rattle when you ride.

Key features:


Rapha’s Merino Hooded Top embodies the essence of all Rapha apparel: simplicity in design with small highlights to add flare. But even better than that attention to detail (think the pink stripe above the back pocket that's attached with buttons) is comfort.