The Team Sky Collection

  1. Team Sky Women's Replica Jersey

    C$75.00 rrp C$140.00
  2. Team Sky Victory Cycling Cap

  3. Team Sky Merino Hat

  4. Team Sky Winter Hat

  5. out of stock

    Team Sky British National Champion Cycling Cap

  6. out of stock

    Team Sky Baseball Cap

    C$18.00 rrp C$35.00
  7. Team Sky Pro Mitts

    C$65.00 rrp C$90.00
  8. Team Sky Pro Socks - Short

    C$18.00 rrp C$27.00
  9. Team Sky Pro Socks - Long

    C$18.00 rrp C$27.00
  10. Team Sky Lightweight Snood

    C$11.00 rrp C$35.00
  11. out of stock

    Team Sky Musette

    C$40.00 rrp C$70.00
  12. Team Sky Cotton Musette

    C$8.00 rrp C$25.00
  13. out of stock

    Team Sky Wet Bag

    C$135.00 rrp C$245.00
  14. Team Sky Supporter Flag Horizontal

    C$21.00 rrp C$35.00
  15. out of stock

    Team Sky Umbrella

    C$55.00 rrp C$90.00
  16. Elite Team Sky Bidon

  17. Team Sky Winter Collar

  18. Team Sky Classic Mitts

    C$65.00 rrp C$125.00
  19. Team Sky Pro Mitts

    C$45.00 rrp C$90.00