Silver Mirror Visor for BAMBINO TT Helmet

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The innovative magnetic visor is patented by KASK and integrated to the helmet thanks to a five magnet system. The total adherence of the visor to the helmet allows for continuous air flow and great aerodynamics. The visor can easily be removed and replaced while riding. Different colors of lenses are available as an option for different light conditions.

Kask helmets are designed to adhere to strict US and EU safety standards. Rapha is not able to guarantee that these will meet all international testing standards.

Team Sky Helmets

Pro-cycling Team Sky has a technical partnership agreement with KASK and the riders have been wearing MOJITO helmets specially adapted to suit their preferences.

"By choosing KASK, Team Sky has made a powerful endorsement of the quality of our helmets and we are looking forward to working with them to secure success for the team,"
– KASK President Angelo Gotti.

And Team Principal, Sir Dave Brailsford echoed that when he said:

"We are pleased to have found a great partner in KASK, supplying top-of-the-line helmets for Team Sky. It’s an innovative company with a technology-based line of products and this suits our needs perfectly. We’re always looking for competitive advantages using only the best available and always trying to develop the products even further. I believe working with KASK will provide us with another good opportunity to do exactly that."

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